Estonian films at Ottawa animation festival
Archived Articles 14 Sep 2006  EWR
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Five Estonian films will be presented at this year's Ottawa International Animation Festival, taking place September 20 - 24. The Estonian films are:

Institute of the Dream (Une Instituut) (2006) Mati Kütt / Ok Nukufilm / Estonia / 10:00 Canadian Premiere;

Message for the Neighbours (Sõnum Naabritele) (2006) Priit Tender / Eesti Joonisfilm / Estonia / 11:19 Canadian Premiere;

Taste of Life (Elu maitse) (2006) Ülo Pikkov / Eesti Joonisfilm / Estonia / 11:20 World Premiere.

Generatio (Generatsioon) (2005) Mait Laas / Ok Nukufilm / Estonia / 10:00 Canadian Premiere

Vulcain: Cricet (2006) Mati Kütt / Ok Nukufilm / Estonia / 1:05

This impressive group of films is a tribute to the creative and vibrant Estonian animation scene.

The Ottawa International Animation Festival is the largest festival of its kind in North America and one of the most respected animation festivals in the world.  Bringing art and industry together, the Festival attracts production executives,
artists, students and animation fans from across Canada and around the world. 

For further information regarding the Festival, please visit their website at or call 613-232-8769.
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