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The first meeting of the Estonian Family History Club was held in Adelaide on Tuesday 26th June. The purpose of the Club is to provide information and assistance to those members who are researching their Estonian family history.

Eight people attended the meeting and there was a mix of persons with experience in family history research and those just starting their search. A presentation was made by Martin Kurvits on the Estonian Archives internet site, showing examples of the Church and Public records available on the site, with many records extending back to the late 1700s. He also provided a brief overview of information available from Genealogy web sites such as and computer software available to record details of family tree information. Several other attendees provided advice on sources of family history information and their experiences in tracking down information.

The meeting concluded with coffee and cake and the scheduled one hour meeting extended to almost two hours as the attendees swapped stories of their family history searches and rumoured nobility and gypsy princesses in their distant family past.

If you have an interest in researching your family history or have experience that you can share with other members of the Club, please get in touch.

Contact Martin Kurvits for further information -

Or come along to the next meeting -
*Tuesday 28 August at 7pm
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