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Estonian Contemporary Dancers Coming To US
Eestlased USAs 30 Apr 2012  Vaba Eesti Sõna
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Santa Cruz Dance & Cid Pearlman / Performance Projects presents: FROM ESTONIA WITH LOVE, May 2012
Five dance artists from Estonia and the USA join choreographer Cid Pearlman for an evening of intelligent and deeply embodied dancing. Santa Cruz is their first stop on a California tour (May 17-18). Tickets are $15-$20 in advance. The other cities on the tour are: San Francisco and Los Angeles. In addition to performances in these three cities, master classes will, also, be taught and workshops for children held, with lectures and demonstrations.
During the 2009-10 academic year C. Pearlman was a Fulbright Scholar in Estonia, teaching at Tallinn University and worked with local dance artists; co-produced an academic symposium, had his choreography produced at Kanuti Gild Saal and NoTaFe.

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