Estonian Biathlon Team at Canmore (Alberta) for the Junior World Championships
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The team arrived on Sunday January 18 and are leaving on Feb 3 unless they are successful in delaying their return tickets.

Competitions are scheduled Wednesday January 28 to Tuesday Feb 3. See details below.

What is biathlon?

This is the winter sport where the athletes cross-country ski a certain distance, then shoot at little round black targets, next they ski some more, and shoot again, then ski to the finish line. The distance skied varies for different races. “Sprint” competitions are very short distances and very intense in terms of speed and power. Shooting positions also vary between prone and standing.

The competitions are held for individuals or for teams in relay style. There is also a pursuit race where previous results give the competitors more or less advantage for their next start sequence.

The athletes have to do well in both the skiing and shooting. Winners are those who ski fastest AND hit most targets. Missed shots cause points penalties or the athlete has to ski extra “penalty loops” thus adding unwanted minutes to the skiing time.

Who’s here from Estonia? This time, it's an all male team.

Junior class competitors, ages 19 – 20
Meelis Laht
Martin Pajos
Martin Remmelg
Tõnis Uiboupin

Youth class competitor, ages 17 – 18
Heigo Lepik

Coach Tõnu Pääsuke
Wax technician Rain Kuresoo

When are the competition dates for the Estonians at Canmore?
Jan 26 to Feb 3 - official competition dates, including training sessions

Wed Jan 28 10:00 am - individual competition, youth male
Wed Jan 28 1:30 pm - individual competition, junior male
Thurs Jan 29 - individual competitions, women
Fri Jan 30 - training
Sat Jan 31 8:50 am - sprint competition, junior male
Sat Jan 31 11:05 am - sprint competition, youth male
Sat Jan 31 afternoon - sprint competitions, women
Sun Feb 1 10:00 am - pursuit competition, youth male
Sun Feb 1 11:00 am - pursuit competition, junior male
Sun Feb 1 afternoon - pursuit competitions, women
Tues Feb 3 11:00 am - relay competitions, youth and junior male
Estonians may or may not participate,
depending on return flight rearrangements

For confirmation or changes in case of inclement weather

Where to get more information?
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