Estonian Becomes Head of Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Convention Committee
Eestlased Eestis 12 Jul 2010  EWR
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Estonian Review
The Cybercrime Convention Committee of the Council of Europe has elected Markko Künnapu, an official from the Estonian Ministry of Justice, as its president. Künnapu, who works as an adviser at the penal policy department of the Ministry of Justice, previously served as vice president of the Cybercrime Convention Committee. The president's tenure lasts two years.

Künnapu has been working at the Ministry of Justice since 2005. Before that he worked at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior and the police. While working at the Ministry of Justice, he has taken part in drafting various bills related to criminal procedure and penal law, including to computer crimes and identity theft, spokespeople for the Estonian ministry said.

Owing to the dangers of cybercrime and the need for common minimum technical and legal standards to fight such crime at a global level, the Convention on Cybercrime was prepared by the Council of Europe member states and Canada, Japan, South Africa and the United States. The convention entered into force on 1 July 2004 and its additional protocol concerning the criminalisation of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems entered into force on 1 March 2006.

The Convention on Cybercrime foresees regular consultations among the parties that have signed it, who meet at least once a year as the Cybercrime Convention Committee.
(Ref. BNS)
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