Estonian Attractions Entice U.S. Private Boats
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U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, July 28
The American motor vessel Adagio was welcomed by Pirita Marina in Tallinn for a two-week visit in July. The owners were drawn to Estonia due to family connections, the excellent harbor facilities and the many tourist sites in the area.

Ambassador and Mrs. Polt visited the yacht on Sunday, July 25, and were treated to a tour and lively discussion of boating in the Baltic region. Although a visit by a U.S. flagged private vessel is a relatively rare occurrence, the owners related that the Estonian reception has been especially friendly.

On the day of the Ambassador's tour, the marina was full of visiting boats. Many had come from Finland, but a healthy number of boats were noted from France, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The variety of visitors demonstrates that Estonia is able to pull in longer-term tourists from outside the immediate geographic area and that Estonian facilities are more than sufficient to handle them.

Every visit by Americans tourists helps to strengthen the ties between the U.S. and Estonia. After their successful voyage to Tallinn, Adagio's owners said that they would encourage more American private vessels to visit Estonia.

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