Estonian Air Force Marks 91st Anniversary
Eestlased Eestis 23 Jul 2010  EWR
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The Estonian Air Force marked its 91st anniversary on 20 July, in connection with which allies' fighters performed a flyover of the Ämari Air Base in north-western Estonia.

At the line-up at Ämari, the commander of the force, Brig. Gen. Valeri Saar, gave Air Force Crosses of Merit, letters of commendation and souvenirs to the most distinguished members of the force and public servants, spokespeople for the General Staff said.

"The Estonian Air Force is still relatively young, but looking at the facts we see that our Air Force is older than the forces of the United States and many other countries," Saar observed. "The present-day Estonian Air Force associates itself with the airmen who came together in year 1919 to start building the Estonian aviation forces."

At noon two Polish MIG-29 fighters guarding the Baltic airspace flew over the
Ämari air base.

(Ref ER/BNS)
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