Estonia Supports Starting Negotiations for EU-USA Trade Agreement as Soon as Possible
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vm.ee01.02.2013, No 29-E

Estonia feels it is essential to develop economic and trade relations between the European Union and the USA more quickly than before, Foreign Minister Paet said at the meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Brussels.

“We hope that bilateral trade negotiations will begin soon,” said Paet.

According to Paet, Estonia also considers the European Union and USA’s co-operation in Eastern Partnership countries and in re-starting peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine to be important. “In order for the Middle East peace process to progress, it is necessary for it to be among the priorities for EU-USA co-operation,” said the Estonian foreign minister.

“It is important to continue our joint support for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in carrying out reforms and for Belarus by supporting civil society,” he added.

Paet emphasised that in the cyber security realm the USA is the European Union’s most important strategic partner and we hope that joint cyber exercises will continue to take place in the future.
“The United States is also a strategic partner of the European Union in protecting human rights and promoting rule of law,” he stated.

“In addition, the USA and EU should also continue their co-operation in the Western Balkans and in building up Afghanistan,” said the Estonian foreign minister.

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