Estonia receives new SHORAD Air Defense System (1)
Archived Articles 05 Sep 2008 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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The Estonian Defense Ministry received the first deliveries of its new air defense system at the end of July 2008, at Tallinn. The system, at a cost of 1 billion kroons (approx. CAD $100 million) is a national system, girding the entire country, as opposed those of Latvia and Lithuania which defend only selective locations (using Swedish-made RBS - 70 unjammable radar).

The new Estonian system, manufactured by MBDA France (owned by arms manufacturers BAE, 37.5%; EADS, 37.5% and Finmeccanica, 25%) uses Mistral man portable anti-aircraft missiles (competing with the Stinger) and SAAB Giraffe 3D AMB radars and is NATO compatible, integrated by SAAB Microwave Systems. The Mistral has a range of 3 kilometres.

Training of the Air Defense Battalion officers and NCOs will begin this month at Tapa (1st cycle) and in France (2nd cycle).
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