Estonia Presents Review on Fulfilment of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
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EMFA, 13.07.2010
Yesterday and today an Estonian delegation gave a presentation on Estonia’s third review on its fulfilment of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva. The Estonian delegation is being led by Foreign Ministry Secretary General Marten Kokk.

Foreign Ministry Secretary General Marten Kokk stated that topics to be addressed during the review presentation are the work of the chancellor of justice and the gender equality commissioner, the length of judicial proceedings, conditions in detention facilities, matters related to human trafficking, and the giving of citizenship to children.

Estonia presented its third review in 2008. In accordance with procedure, yesterday and today Estonia presented on changes and developments that have taken place since the last review. Additional questions from the committee will also be answered. Following the discussion, the committee will make its conclusions and give Estonia suggestions for further fulfilment of the covenant. Estonia’s review can be read on the Foreign Ministry’s webpage:

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights was opened for signing in New York on 19 December 1966. Estonia joined the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in accordance with the decision of the Riigikogu made on 26 September 1991. The covenant came into effect for Estonia on 21 January 1992.

According to article 40 of the covenant, all countries that are party to the covenant must present periodical reviews—the first within one year of the covenant coming into effect in that country and subsequently on all occasions when the committee requests it. In its review, the country must show what advice it has implemented to introduce the rights included in the pact and the progress that has been made in utilising these rights. Reviews are presented to the Human Right Committee, which is made up of 18 unbiased experts. Estonia presented its first review on the fulfilment of the covenant in September 1994. The second periodical review by Estonia was given in May 2002, and the review currently being addressed was given in December 2008.

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