Estonia participated in Adriatic Charter enlargement
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Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet participated in the enlargement ceremony of the USA-Adriatic Charter today, 4 December.

According to Paet, the most important outcome of the Adriatic Charter’s activities to date is the presentation of NATO accession invitations to Albania and Croatia. “Estonia hopes that Macedonia will soon receive an accession invitation as well, followed by the other Western Balkan nations,” he added.

Participants in Adriatic Charter co-operation to date have been the USA, Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia, and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have also been included. At today’s enlargement ceremony, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro also joined the Adriatic Charter. The primary goal of the Adriatic Charter is to clarify the NATO accession perspectives of the Western Balkan nations that join the charter.

Paet stated that Estonia is prepared to share its NATO accession experiences with the Adriatic Charter nations. “We hope that Serbia will soon join the other nations in the Adriatic Charter as well,” he said.

The USA-Adriatic Charter is similar in structure to the USA-Baltic Charter of 1998. Through the charter, support is given to the rearrangements in defence structures and to domestic democratic reforms.

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