Estonia: Looking for a Few Good Hackers
Rahvusvahelised uudised 08 Jan 2011  EWR
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Cyberwar is a new reality for the 21st Century, one that the Baltic Republic of Estonia is not planning to fight with spears. The country made history in 2007 by being the first victim of a cyberwar as government, financial and media computer networks were paralyzed by a series of attacks that Estonia authorities now blame on the Russian government.

Quite familiar with invasion (from both the Soviets as well as the Nazis through much of the 20th century), Estonia didn't take the cyber attacks likely. It formed the Cyber Defense League, a volunteer group of programmers, computer scientists and software engineers that in wartime would function under a unified military command. The league has become a global model for how a company should defend itself in the case of a cyber attack, such as China's attack on Google and US government websites a couple of years ago or attacks on Iran's computer systems earlier this year.

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