Estonia is among the unhappiest countries in the world
Archived Articles 07 Jul 2009  EWR
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A survey that was carried out by British researchers indicated that the happiest and the greenest place of residents in the world is Costa Rica while Estonia is quite far from it. Only 12 African nations trail us.

Researchers of the think-tank New Economics Forum compared the average life expectancy of residents of different countries, residents' satisfaction with their lives as well as the ecological footprints of the countries.

The New Economics Foundation released their comparison index on July 4th. It is available at the following link: http://www.happyplanetindex.or...

Estonia ranks 131st in the list as the average life expectancy of local residents is only 71.2 years and only 56% of Estonian residents are satisfied with their lives. The country's big ecological footprint is the biggest factor in Estonia's low ranking.

The NEF press release is available here:

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