Estonia in the Nordic Battle Group
Archived Articles 30 Jun 2006 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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The Nordic Battle Group (NBG), an European Union (EU) military Rapid Response Unit led by Sweden and comprising of troops from Estonia, Finland and Norway will be ready to stand by January 1 - June 30, 2008 and respond quickly to any military emergency that might occur.
The group was formed in Brussels on May 23, 2005 with the ministers of defense of all member nations, headed by the Swedish minister Ms Leni Bjorklund signing on. Estonia is the only Baltic state chosen for the NBG
The manpower complement is of 2,400 troops.There is a requirement of additional equipment like Haglund tracked and armoured snow vehicles that have been purchased specifically for this purpose by the Swedish army.
Jürgen Ligi, the Estonian Minister of Defense, joined other defense ministers of the Nordic Battle Group, at the beginning of June at NBG Headquarters in Enköping, Sweden, to co-ordinate activities.
Even though the NBG is a EU operation and Sweden and Finland are not NATO members, it will operate under NATO operational guidelines.
This is just another step that Estonia has taken away from Russia and further into the European fold. 
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