Estonia in 2009: ten biggest failures
Eestlased Eestis 30 Dec 2009  EWR
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The online edition of Eesti Ekspress weekly has listed ten worst failures in Estonia in 2009.

1. Freedom War Monument.
Comment: The fiasco that surrounded the building of such a worthy monument was hugely embarrassing for Estonia. Everything started when bureaucrats decided to ignore the opinion of the art community. The outcome of the project: lamps are not burning, glass panels are badly installed, etc.

2. Solaris Centre.
Comment: In short - it's ugly, it's too compact and it's dangerous. Brothers Rebane and their friends in Centre Party did their best to build the complex in spite of protests from the residents. Now, instead of the so-called Karla Cathedral (named after Karl Vaino, the infamous head of the Estonian Communist Party) we have the Nokia Concert Hall and art film centre Artemis that is accessed through the fire escape exit. After the ceiling of the Cinamon cinema hall collapsed, there is joke that suicidal people on longer have to drive down the Türisalu cliff near Tallinn - all they have to do is to buy a ticket to a movie night in Cinamon.

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