Estonia ignores its Christian roots
Arvamus 04 Jun 2010  EWR
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Via Baltic Review
A political statement by several pastors has caused a stir in Estonia. The weekly Eesti Ekspress criticises the anti-clerical and anti-Christian mood in the country:

“Even in their critical attitude, the Estonians show that they have internalised the Lutheran stereotypes and patterns of behaviour. Every self-respecting Lutheran wants nothing more than an orderly world, with no one sticking their nose in other people’s business. Luther preached precisely that people must read the Bible themselves and come to terms with their own problems. If they do, God will also come to their aid. And that is also the quintessence of the Estonian way of thinking: Everyone goes about their own little business and pounces on anyone who dares criticise them or hand out advice of any kind. In a way it’s perverse that Soviet atheism is so well integrated in our system. Everything and everyone is attacked who so much as points out that we are inwardly Christians.”

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