Estonia and Norway consider it important to increase security in the Baltic Sea region
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Meeting in Tallinn with Norwegian Minister for EAA and EU Affairs Vidar Helgesen, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that hopefully in the future, Norway will contribute to Baltic Air Policing from the Ämari Air Base.

In discussing the security situation, Paet noted that Norway is an important partner country for Estonia in NATO. “We share many common positions on important issues with Norway, which has made an effective contribution to the Alliance's capabilities,” the Foreign Minister said. Paet emphasized Norway's contribution to Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Air Policing. “We hope that Norway will consider the possibility of using Ämari Air Base as a permanent base in the future,” he added.

On the topic of guaranteeing energy security, Paet and Helgesen noted the importance of cooperation between the European Union and Norway. “We consider it very important to develop cooperation in the Nordic -Baltic region, in order to build new energy and transport connections and to diversify the sources of supply. In addition to increasing the region's competitiveness and economic prosperity, these steps are necessary to ensure security in the region,” Foreign Minister Paet said. “We are also working to create a common Baltic gas market. Norwegian gas in liquefied form is also awaited to offer competitiveness,“ he added.

According to Paet, trade relations between Estonia and Norway are extensive. “Norway is the seventh most important export destination for us, and the fifth most important source of investments,” he added, noting that more than 400 Norwegian-owned companies operate in Estonia.

Paet and Helgesen also discussed cooperation in the information technology field and the common EU digital market. “We are ready to begin a dialogue with Norway for mutual recognition of digital signatures,” the Foreign Minister said, noting that Estonia considers it necessary to focus on initiatives with the promise of realistic economic benefits, such as increasing the use of digital signatures in the EU, for example. “The creation of a single EU digital market will contribute to economic growth and job creation in Europe,” he added.

The ministers also discussed the Ukraine-Russia conflict, where the priority is the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and Ukraine having complete control of its borders.


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