Estonia and Finland entered into a framework agreement on defence cooperation
Eestlased Eestis 03 Feb 2012  EWR
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Estonian Ministry of Defence
On February 2 in Brussels, Minister of Defence Mart Laar signed a framework document on defence cooperation between Estonia and Finland with his colleague Stefan Wallin, setting the main areas of defence cooperation for the years 2012−2015.

According to Minister of Defence Laar, more thorough defence cooperation between Estonia and Finland benefits further increase of safety in the Baltic Sea region. ”Exchanging information and experience with our northern neighbours also enhances implementation of the concept of smart defence not only in NATO, but also between NATO and the partner countries,” Laar said.

The framework document that was signed today sets out the main objectives and areas of defence cooperation between Estonia and Finland for the next four years. Under this agreement, current exchange of information will continue on the security situation at the Baltic Sea, defence planning, development of military capabilities, defence-related research and development, and cyber protection.

Cooperation will also continue in the fields of education and training of members of the Defence Forces, as well as the EU Battlegroups and NATO response forces.

Minister of Defence Laar will participate in the meeting of NATO ministers of defence in Brussels. In addition to the meeting of the ministers of defence of the Alliance, a meeting of the Nordic Group ministers of defence was also held in Brussels February 2nd, in which the ministers of the Baltic countries, Nordic countries, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany and Poland discussed further development of defence cooperation between the countries.

Laar also met the Bulgarian Minister of Defence Anu Anguelov on February 2nd to discuss matters related to cyber defence.

The Minister of Defence is accompanied in Brussels by the Chief of the Defence Forces Brigadier General Riho Terras and Acting Undersecretary for Defence Policy Jonatan Vseviov.

On Saturday, Minister of Defence Laar and Brigadier General Terras will participate in the Munich Security Conference.
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