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Time flies and 26th June 2009, the date when X ESTO begins, no longer seems so far away. The committee members have been working extremely hard and the festival is now really beginning to take shape!

It is pleasing to note that the number of performers i.e.singers, dancers and others wishing to participate at ESTO is steadily increasing.

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At the beginning of September, we received a very positive response from the Estonian ambassador in Germany, his excellency, Mr. Mart Laanemäe. Mr Laanemäe has promised to be the patron for X ESTO. We are very grateful to him for his support and his good wishes. Mr. Laanemäe reiterated the views of the organising committee by stating that the ESTO celebrations have not lost their importance and validity in the 21st century although the emphasis from the early days has changed since Estonia regained its independence.

The circle of ESTO volunteers is widening. We now have ESTO representatives in nearly all of the larger Estonian communities throughout the world: Australia (Sulev Kalamäe), USA (Ilmar Vanderer and Gris Livieri), Great Britain (Reet Järvik and Toomas Ojasoo), Canada (Avo Kittask), Sweden (Kristel Sarrik). The representatives in Germany are: Hamburg (Gina Bauer), Berlin (Reet Tamme), Munich (Karin Ladva-Zoller), Cologne (Maie Kisis-Vainumäe), Leipzig (Anu Lehmann), Karlsruhe (Meeli Bagger), Bocholt (Richo Zieminski). If you have any questions about ESTO or wish to pay cash for an ESTO pass, please get in touch with your local representative.

The first ESTO passes have been sold. It is interesting to note that the first online purchaser was a gentleman of German origin with Latvian roots from Bielefeld, Germany.

If you wish to take part in the ESTO festivities but do not know where you can stay in Münster, our official business partners, Mare Baltikum Travel Agents’ are able to offer you a wide choice of accommodation, either on their website ( or simply by calling them on: +49 (0)40-494 111. Mare Baltikum Reisen will also send you a list of hotels by post on request. The number of available hotel rooms in Münster is limited so you are advised to book your accommodation well in advance.

ESTO 2009 posters and flyers are now available. The artist is the German graphic designer, Andrea Frisch ( who lives in Berlin. Using her feminine instincts, she has managed to capture the heart and spirit of the Estonian people through the medium of art. ESTO posters and flyers should have reached ESTO representatives in all countries by mid-October.

See you all in Münster from 26th 30th June 2009.
Please take part and don’t forget to bring a friend!
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