ESTO 2009 online, logo selected
ESTO 2009 19 Oct 2007  EWR
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Toronto’s Hans Moks wins design competition

The ESTO 2009 organizers announced this week that they have chosen the logo for the global Estonian festival.

Fourteen designs were submitted to the competition. It was very difficult for the organizing committee to reach a decision as all the designs included interesting ideas presented in many different ways. Organizers would like to thank all those creative people who took the time and trouble to send them their designs.

The winning design is by Hans Moks in Toronto. According to the words of the designer, the motto for the logo is – Estonian colours point the way upwards!

The ESTO 2009 website is also up and running, in three languages: Estonian, German and English. Please visit for more, including contact info.


With a letter dated August 8, 2007 from the Estonian World Council (ÜEKN), based in America, the organization committee received the mandate to carry out ESTO 2009 in Germany. The event will take place over five days and is to be carried out in Münster/Westphalia. ?The event starts on Friday the 26th of June 2009 and ends on Tuesday the 30th of June 2009.
Why Münster?

The Estonians in Germany are historically linked to Münster. For a long time after World War II Münster used to be the centre of the Estonian Community in Germany. There were several refugee camps in the surrounding area from which several local groups, some of them still existing nowadays, emerged. For some decades the directorate of the Estonian Community in Germany used to be based in Münster. Also many Estonians all over the world are attached to Münster because from there, in the beginning 1950’s, many emigrated to European Countries or overseas.

Münster is also a city with great tourist potential. The city, accommodating 280 000 inhabitants and a picturesque Old Town with cozy inns and bars is a known paradise for bicycle riders. Nowhere else in Germany are there as many bicycle riders as in Münster. Anyone who is interested in further information may visit the website www.mü

The main events will be carried out in the arena “Halle Münsterland”.

An important aspect is also the close by international airport, Münster/Osnabrück. It takes only about 25 minutes to travel from the airport to central Münster where the main station provides plenty options of travelling on.
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