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estdocs.08 on käes REEDESE ALGUSEGA - estdocs.08 starts THIS FRIDAY October 17th! Advance tickets at estore (Eesti Maja) or reserve by phone at Eesti Sihtkapital 416.465.5600. Ticket prices vary from free and pay-what-you-can to $10 regular screenings, $15 screening with reception, $25 for the October 19th gala. 50% discount for students with ID at the door, if available.

Check for updates, full film summaries, guest moderator information.

Here's a rundown of probably the best film line-up estdocs has yet presented, with all post-screening discussions moderated by Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, one of the producers of last year's estdocs.07 Jury Award and Audience Favourite Award, "The Singing Revolution":

Friday October17
estdocs Opening Night, reception at 6pm, Tartu College, films start at 7pm "Ilusad inimesed/Beautiful people" about Miss Estonia 2007 carrying out a beauty contest for developmentally challenged kids, and "Suramretk/Trip to Valhalla" about the military tragedy in 1997 that befell Estonia during peacetime. Tickets $15.

Saturday October 18
Munk Centre (1 Devonshire b/w Bloor and Hoskin) at 7pm - 3 films: "Universitas Tartuensis 375" about, well, the University, done in an eminently entertaining and digestible style, "Raport: Roheline Eesti/ Report: Green Estonia" about the potential for Estonia to realize on green energy and "Palju õnne!/Congratulations!" about 3 lads turning 18, each from a different walk of life. Tickets $10.

Sunday October 19
INTERNATIONAL GALA PREMIERE of "Detsembrikuumus/December Heat", cocktails at 5:30, film at 6:30, Isabel Bader Theatre, 93 Charles St. W. at Queen's Park - Museum Subway - $25, great swag bags (value beyond $25!) and door prize. Check out the trailer at This historic event based action-drama film is the most expensive film produced in Estonia, feature top actors and an exciting script about an event that resonates even today - Russia is not inclined to remain within its borders. Here's the theme song, sung by the lead in the film ...very James Bond... a quick synopsis:

It’s December 1, 1924. Newlyweds Tanel and Anna Rõuk are emigrating from Estonia, but on the morning of their departure the communist rebellion hits. Tanel, having just resigned from the military’s officer corps, must swing back into action to save his wife and his own life. The build-up to the bloody night reveals itself through the action or inaction of generals and government leaders, culminating with the secret communiqué that only Tanel can interrupt. Can he save the nation or will Estonia disappear into Russia yet again?

Monday October 20
2pm - Ehatare - "Lehma kauplemine" and "Dirigendi kõla" - no subtitles on these ones, but if you love cows or Eri Klas, these films are for you. Pay-what-you-can.

Monday October 20
Estonian House, 7pm, "Ilusad inimesed/Beautiful people" and "Sulg/Blockade" - if you think you know everything about Estonia, you'll be surprised at some of the tidbits revealed in this doc. Pay-what-you-can.

Tuesday October 21
Estonian House, 7pm - World premiere of "Sinking of The Wilhelm Gustloff". This film explores the politics of memory, why the greatest maritime disaster in history, one that took place in the Baltic Sea is unknown to so many. Free - please rsvp to to get on the guest list.

Wednesday October 22
2pm - Ehatare - "Noored Kotkad" Estonia's first feature film from 1927 lovingly restored in 2008 with symphony sountrack. Yep, it's a silent film, but with some 4,000 extras to create the battlescenes, it's a pretty impressive feat. Pay-what-you-can.

Wednesday October 22
Tartu College 7pm - "Jonathan Austraaliast/Jonathan from Australia" and "Tormise Regi/Tormis' Sledge of Song" - the first film has won all manner of critical acclaim and Tormis, at 75 years of age, is a fascinating character. Both of these films directed by Sulev Keedus. $10

Thursday October 23
Tartu College, 7 pm , "Avasta rikas nurgatagune.../Discover the rich space...", "Contra Mortem" and "Teine tulemine/Second coming" - a diverse night of film - a bit of city mouse meets country mouse, an overview of the medical scene in Estonia and a half-hour narrative fiction produced by festival moderator Piret Tibbo-Hudgins. $10

Friday October 24
Daytime screening at 2pm - "Esto-72" at Eesti Maja - $10 AND...Closing Reception and films, Tartu College 6pm, films at 7pm...hey! what were you doing in 1972. Not a sentient being yet? Well, what do you think Estos were doing in 1972, in Estonia and in Toronto?

Tonight's films compare and contrast. "Fritsud ja blondiinid/Nazis and Blondes" takes a look at the Baltic actor playing evil nazi officers in soviet pics, and "Esto-72" has been restored for today's viewings. So come in your retro outfits, a checkered or flowery shirt perhaps, some poly-stretch slacks and get your groove on to see the CBC produced doc and hang out for a bit after, for some retro tunes. Sidle up to the bar for a Rolling Estonian and make a new friend - ask them what sign they are. Come and party like it's 1972 ! $15

So through all of this, enter a draw to win a trip to Eesti during the Song Festival 2009 (that's right, a flight during high season!), courtesy of BDT World Travel. Then, the festival is off to Chicago, all done in Toronto for another year.
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