EstDocs Short Documentary Film Competition is open for submissions
EstDocs 14 Mar 2012  EWR
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This is the 4th year for the Short Film Competition, where jury favourites will be screened in Toronto this fall. The prize for the Competition is generously sponsored by the Erika and Oswald Timmas Fund. There is $2,500 CAD in prizing for this contest, the maximum single prize is $1000 CAD.

This year’s Short Film Competition theme has been expanded from “Estonian Joy” to also include “Estonian Grit” – or “perseverance” something that the tiny Baltic country of Estonia has been known for around the world.

“The number of EstDocs short film entries continues to grow each year, each time presenting viewers with fresh thought-provoking insight about how people connect with Estonia,”,” said Tauno Mölder, Short Documentary Film Competition Director. „The short films always take on a new flavour, continuing to inspire audiences on the power of picking up a camera and being able to compellingly present a novel perspective about being Estonian.“

Plans are well underway for the EstDocs Documentary Film Festival itself, which takes place from October 12-16, 2012.

“EstDocs is truly an exhilarating experience, the filmmakers who develop docs featuring Estonian personalities and narratives continue to captivate our audiences, their essence and spirit always leaves a lasting impression on viewers,” said Ellen Valter, EstDocs Festival Director. “We have managed to outpace ourselves each year thanks to the commitment of a highly professional group of dedicated volunteers who work year round to continue to nurture our unique and special festival.”

The entry form and guidelines for the Short Film Competition are available on the website

Past competition submissions are available for viewing at

Films should be submitted on DVD, NTSC or PAL. Filmmakers may submit multiple entries, but each film requires a separate entry form. Each film must be submitted separately (on a separate DVD etc.)..
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