Estdocs review: TIIM
Archived Articles 27 Oct 2006 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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Producer: Reet Sokman. Director: Peep Puks. Writers: Peep Puks, Hans Roosipuu. Length:  53 min. Year:  2006   Language: Estonian Only
Though I was only to cover estdoc films that were English only or with English subtitles, this film, mostly about two time Olympic Gold Medal winning skier Andrus Veerpalu didn't need any translation. As a matter of fact one didn't need to know anything about skiing.
One sees Veerpalu and teammate Jaak Mae win gold (Veerpalu) and bronze (Mae) both standing on the victory podium in Salt Lake City. No matter what language it makes the heart pound proudly.
Then comes the training - the long endless twelve months a year training. There are probably holidays but we don't really know. They train with a board, a small wheel on each end, and make the same movements as a skier but uphill.
Beyond the training there is the massage, its hard to imagine the human body has that many twists in it. Then there is the preparation of the equipment.
Then comes the competition - the preparation - the nervousness - the race - finally the victory - the podium at Torino, the singing of "Mu Isamaa". Again goosebumps.
I'm not a sports enthusiast, yet my attention was kept throughout.
Next question. Veerpalu won one gold at Torino, Kristina Smigun won two. When are we going get a film about those medals and what about Tiiu Nurmberg, she's ours, isn't she?
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