EstDocs Reveals its Cover Design for the 2014 Festival (10)
Eestlased Kanadas 05 Jun 2014  EWR
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EstDocs announced the winner of the 10th anniversary EstDocs poster design contest - Uno Ramat of Toronto, Canada.

“I was looking for a visual that would symbolize not only the Estonian view of the world, but also how the world looks at Estonia,” says Ramat. “The blue eye peering through the Estonian map is what came to mind. I like that the blue, black and white of the eye mirrors the national colours.”

Ramat works internationally on advertising and publishing projects. He most recently redesigned the national newspaper of the Bahamas, The Nassau Guardian. His Toronto-based communications consultancy Brand New Ideas helps clients transition their marketing to new media.

“We are all very delighted with Uno Ramat’s work,” says EstDocs Director Kristi Doughty. “The vibrant design echoes the exciting line-up of films we have for EstDocs fans come October,” adds Doughty.

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