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Only two weeks left to submit your short film to the EstDocs Short Film Competition!

Do finish off that film, or take out your videocam or cellphone and film something - quick! It’s got to be under three minutes in length, and the theme is “eestlase rõõm”. Spread the word - the grand prize is set at $1000 and the deadline is September 9, 2009. EstDocs runs October 16-23. More information at

Every year EstDocs has shown Estonian films produced outside of Estonia, but this year no such film was on the horizon so the call has been put out and the competition is open to everyone, those who live in Estonia or abroad. And “eestlase rõõm”? It’s open to interpretation, so put it in a film and make sure it has some tie-in to Estonia (don’t sweat it!). See you at EstDocs !
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