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EstDocs presents: "Black & white window"
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Sunday October 18, reception at 5pm, film at 6pm

Were Finnish broadcasts to Estonia supported by the CIA, and was Soviet Estonian broadcasting mandated to neutralize the “psychological warfare” of western TV from Finland? Perhaps the threat of disco and ‘who shot J.R.’ did have to be neutralized before it brought down the entire Soviet Union. This film tells of the persistent ingenuity with which Finnish television signals were accessed in Soviet Estonia, to get the black & white window that served up true world news, and stirred the dreams of those coming of age in the 80s. A window that just wouldn’t stay shut.
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At Crescent School - 2365 Bayview Avenue – free parking
Producer: Kiur Aarma/RUUT
Director: Jaak Kilmi, Kiur Aarma
Length: 80 minutes
Year: 2009
Language: Estonian with English subtitles
NB! Smoking prohibited at the venue

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