Estdocs here again, October 19-26
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The Estonian documentary film festival is here again. This is the third annual edition, this time with the reins in the hands of Ellen Valter, herself a filmmaker of a documentary, which made its debut before the first Estdocs. The director of the first two Estdocs, Maimu Mölder, is still very much involved as media contact.

Others involved with the festival are filmmaker Marcus Kolga, producer/director of GULAG 113, which premiered during the first Estdocs, Aarne H. Vahtra, Vaado Sarapuu (Eesti Elu web issue editor and director/cinematographer of "Erna Retk" among countless other films), Rev. Kalle Kadakas, Peeter Piil, Mart Pikkov, Lembitu Ristsoo, Killi Mirka, Allan Eistrat, Katrin Otsa, Robert Hiis and Tauno Mölder (Eesti Elu webmaster). The post- screening discussions will be with Kiur Aarma, who has directed two of the films featured during the festival. "The films were selected before Mr. Aarma was involved," said Valter.

The festival starts on Friday, October 19 at Tartu College, 1 Madison Ave, with a reception at 6 PM. At 7 PM the first film, “Greetings from Soviet Estonia” (52 min.) will be screened, followed by and “View from the Mountain” (52 min.). Tickets are $15 ($8 students) for the reception and screening.

On Saturday, October 20 the screening is at the Munk Centre, 1 Devonshire Place (beside Varsity Stadium). The programme begins at 7 PM with “Alberta Estonians” (29 min.), “Life Stories” (29 min.) and “Bronze Night: The Russian Riot in Tallinn” (45 min.). Tickets are $10 ($5 students).

The big gala, which will be attended by political icon and Estonia's former Prime Minister, Mart Laar, is on Sunday, October 21 at the Ontario Science Centre, 770 Don Mills Rd (free parking). The event starts with a reception at 5:30 PM. At 6:30 PM “The Singing Revolution” (75 min.) will be screened. Tickets will be $25 ($15 students) for reception and film.

On Wednesday October 24 the screening will be at Tartu College starting at 7 PM with “Who Are You Palladium” (50 min.) and “Estonians in the Kremlin (The Collapse of the Soviet Union)” (52 min.). Tickets $10 ($5 students).

Thursday's screening will be at Tartu College, beginning at 7 PM with “A Man From Animazone” (58 min.) and “The Art of Selling” (68 min). Tickets are $10 ($5 students).

The finale will be on Friday, October 26 with a reception at 6 PM and screenings at 7 PM starting with “The Sum of Absent Days” (52 min.) and “Headwind Hall" (52 min.). Tickets $15 for reception and screening. All tickets for every screening are available at the door and in advance at the estore, 958 Broadview Avenue, 416 465-2219 or via

We have long suggested that to have a proper film festival we need a carpet — a blue carpet (red is politically incorrect for Estonians) — but last year Maimu Mölder laughed, this year Ellen Valter said “great idea, but we don't have the budget."
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