ESTDOCS film synopsis: “Report: Green Estonia”
Archived Articles 09 Oct 2008  EWR
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“Report: Green Estonia” poses the question, ‘Is Estonian independence over when its oil shale reserves are exhausted’?

Today, one half of Estonia’s energy needs are met by imports from Russia, and the domestic oil shale industry will tap out. But it need not be doom and gloom. What of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass? All are potentially available, and in such quantities that if properly developed, would allow total energy self-sufficiency. The result would be increased stability and security for the future.

Estonians have already shown inspirational leadership in the world in areas of high tech and finance – why not in energy too? In remote households with no electrical grid, individuals have been inventive in harnessing alternative sources of energy. Yet this kind of original thinking seems to be lacking on the national level. Can the film’s message galvanize Estonia into action?

Screening on Saturday, October 18th at 7pm at the Munk Centre.
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