EstDocs Cover Design Competition 10th Anniversary Edition
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2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the EstDocs Film Festival, a not-for-profit festival showcasing the best of Estonian documentary film in Toronto. The festival mission is to provide a 360 perspective on Estonian history, politics, arts, culture and more

We’re marking this special year by setting out a competition for our cover. Not only will it be on the front page of our festival brochure, we’ll use it as the banner, on the website and in advertisements as well. The cover is what our audiences see each and every night of the festival before the movies are shown. It’s a real opportunity to get exposure of your creative genius since your name will be credited wherever possible for the design.

On top all this, the winner will get* $300.
*to be awarded at this years Opening Ceremonies

What’s the Competition All About?

At this point, we need the concept – just the concept, not final product. The final product will evolve in collaboration with the Festival Director who will call upon the EstDocs Festival Director Team for input.

The concept should include the roughed out visual image as well as consideration for the placement of the EstDocs logo and festival dates.

Check out our Gallery of Past Covers for some inspiration!

We’ll also need the winner to take the concept to the final, hi-res version, and to modify the cover design to fit the banner dimensions. Unless you provide us with the source files (your option), we’ll need your help resizing the image for advertising, posters, etc., during lead-up to the festival.

Please note that additionals (such as EstDocsTEN, website, address, dates, etc.) can be added but don’t need to be on the cover concept you submit.

EstDocs will have exclusive use of the final design.

Download a copy of the Contest Guidelines (PDF)


Cover concepts must be submitted no later than March 15, 2014.

You can submit more than one concept, if you’d like.

The Festival Director Team will select the winning cover concept by March 31, 2014 and the winner will be immediately notified. Please note that the decision of the Festival Director Team is final.

How to Submit?

Step 1
Upload the 300 DPI concept for 8½ x 11 to a sharing site of your choice (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

Step 2
Email the link of the concept to
along with your name, phone number and the best email address to reach you at.

By submitting to the contest, you agree to the terms we’ve outlined in this notice.

Best of Luck!
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