EstDocs announces 2013 Short Film competition results
Eestlased Kanadas 19 Oct 2013  EWR
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The 2013 EstDocs short film jury would like to thank all of the filmmakers who submitted films to the 2013 EstDocs short films competition. The theme for this year was An Estonian Tale or Üks Eesti - mitu lugu.

The films were made by both professional filmmakers and film enthusiasts. The quality of the films submitted this year was high and the jury applauds each of the filmmakers for their efforts and has valued the opportunity to screen so many well thought through submissions. The films reflect Estonian stories told in Canada, across the USA, as well as Estonia and our selections reflect the broad range of styles and topics among the films.

In an era where “anyone can pick up a camera”, the jury deliberations were based on the ability to present a cohesive and succinct storyline, production value, and overall appeal.

The winning film by Aleksandr Kheyfets was "Raising Iti", for its charming and honest portrayal of a couple raising a child in Estonia, with a clear story line, well executed footage and images contributing nicely to the film.

Second prize was given to Steve Zilberman, "Estonia: My Cultural Experience" in recognition of the clear story line and good footage choices.

Third prize is awarded to Mike Dell and Kim Bagayava, "Estonia’s Best Kept Secret", for it’s playful style.

In addition, four honourable mentions were given to the following films, each told in different style and made by filmmakers of diverse backgrounds, skills and experience;

Aigar Vals, "This is the Old Way of Working", for it’s filmic observational style and tender eye;

Tania Pisa"The Smoke Sauna" for it’s educational focus, clear storyline, and production value;

Justin Schell, "I Can’t be Silent", for it’s telling of an emotional story that touches the heart;

Mari Ann Tammark, "Our Story" for good technique, succinct story and historical value.

We are certain that the audience will enjoy seeing the diversity of films and styles and join us in thanking each of the filmmakers who submitted to the short film competition in 2013.

2013 Short Film Competition Jury Members
Marje Jurtshenko
Lembitu Ristsoo
Andres Salumets

All short film competition entries can be viewed here:
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