EstDocs 2017 started with Gala at Hot Docs
Eestlased Kanadas 03 Nov 2017  EWR
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EstDocs, an Estonian Documentary Film Festival, started its 2017 season with a gala presentation at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema in Toronto, Canada.

The 2017 line-up of films aims to provide the Canadian public a global look at films not only about Estonia and Estonians, but of broader issues with the films Come Back Free (fighting in Chechnya today) and Holodomor: Voices of Survivors (massive devastation through starvation wrought on Ukraine by Stalin).

The EstDocs Gala featured Priit Valkna's film „The Women in the Picture“ that followed artist Laurentsius and his creative process in a vacant wooden house in the heart of Tallinn, in a house that has belonged to the creator of the art of film and photography in Estonia, Johannes Parikas and his wife Lilli.

After the film, the audience had a chance to discuss the film with its main character Laurentsius, the discussion was moderated by an Estonian film critic Tristan Priimägi.

In addition to the main festival, EstDocs also organizes Short Film Competition for films up to 7 min in length. This year's 1st Jury Prize was awarded to Riho Västrik for his film “The New Neighbors" that explores relationships between former Soviet military families and their new NATO neighbors. The jury members for the Short Film Competition were Inga Diev, Lawrence Green and Peter Murdmaa.

The Otto Rannamäe Audience Award for shorts film was awarded to Toronto Estonian Supplementary School student Aleks Meiusi for his short “Mana Land”.

The Tartu College Estonian Studies Center Amateur Filmmaker Award was awarded to Imre Sooäär's “Inna’s Dream”.

All Short film Competition monetary awards other than the Audience Award were provided by Tartu College.

EstDocs film festival continues to attract interest from outside the Canadian-Estonian community.

The festival continues with its program until November 7th. Some noteworthy films being shown include Terje Toomistu’s film "Soviet Hippies", which deals with hippie movement behind the iron curtain 40 years ago; Ksenia Okhapkina’s film "Come Back Free" about life in a village in the war-torn Chechen mountains; and animator Ülo Pikkov’s films "Body Memory", "Tick Tock" and "Empty Space".

Full schedule and locations available at

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