ERR News poll: regional security the main topic of 2014
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ERR 4.01.2015
ERR News readers and story counts agreed that the main theme of 2014 was Russian belligerence, with the Ukraine crisis, the ensuing security instability and US President Barack Obama's visit named as events with the greatest impact in Estonia in 2014.

The crisis in Ukraine, which saw Russia annex a part of Ukraine with a majority ethnic Russian population, set alarm bells ringing in Estonia, which also has a large area populated by majority Russian-speakers.

Estonia's reaction and the government's taking of a hard line towards Russian aggression and backing Ukraine, was named by 38 percent of ERR News readers as the trend with the biggest impact on Estonia last year.

Obama's visit to Tallinn, part of the West's reaction, was second with 23 percent.

The government switch, which brought the Social Democrats into power, was the second major topic, with the ensuing Cohabitation Act, giving same-sex couples more rights, picked by 20 percent of readers as the event with the biggest impact. The actual new government, which came into power in March, was tied for fourth with 7 percent of the vote.

The kidnapping of Estonian security official Eston Kohver was voted the event with the biggest impact by 6 percent while 7 percent opted for the Viljandi school shooting, which claimed the life of a teacher.

ERR News asked its readers which of the following events had the biggest impact in Estonia in 2014:

38 percent – taking a stand against Russian aggression, supporting Ukraine
23 percent – US President Barack Obama's visit
20 percent – the Cohabitation Act, giving same-sex partners more rights
7 percent – the shift to the left in government switch
7 percent – the Viljandi school shooting
6 percent – the capture of Eston Kohver

Ukraine and regional security, Obama's trip, Kohver and the Viljandi shooting were all present in the list of most read stories.

J.M. Laats
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