Erply’s Founder & CEO Kris Hiiemaa: “Estonian start-ups should take full advantage of the opportunities that they’ve been offered”
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The energetic chap sitting opposite me is wearing an informal t-shirt and scans his eyes rather quickly through the pages of local weekly newspaper in front of him. By the look, age and dress code he’s fairly similar to Mark Zuckerberg. Like Zuckerberg, the young gent behind a coffee cup started his first technology ventures very young. Like Mr Facebook, he started his firm from basic facilities. But he’s not Mark – just not yet anyway. His name is Kris Hiiemaa and he’s
Toomas Hendrik Ilves & Kris Hiiemaa - pics/2012/09/37327_002.jpg
Toomas Hendrik Ilves & Kris Hiiemaa
the founder and CEO of Erply, an enterprise software company focusing on retail and point-of-sale technology, helping companies deal with inventory control, bookkeeping, and other tasks, from their brick-and-mortar stores to online operations...................

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