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Estonian Centre Project Update:
Sustainability of project is main focus for the team
Tasks and planning for the new Estonian Centre project – a hub for the community on Madison Avenue in downtown Toronto - are on track and progressing well.
“As we’ve reported in previous articles, the ‘due diligence’ phase – which examines the sustainability of the project - is ongoing,” reports Project Manager David Kalm. “There is a very active team of consultants and volunteers steering every aspect of this project right now.”
Due diligence is work that focuses on verifying the cost, funding and sustainability of the Estonian Centre project. This is a critical step, as it will determine the feasibility of building and operating the new centre.
Consolidation of community is how we remain sustainable, and sustainability of the new centre remains a key focus of this project.
The Project Managers are working with the City of Toronto on planning issues and with architect Alar Kongats on the Estonian Centre’s potential design. An important part of this is making sure it fits with and is responsive to the needs of the community.
The Estonian community will be consulted as the plans evolve and the use of space is finalized. David and Rob will oversee this process, which will also involve the project architect.
“There will be ample opportunity for everyone to have a say,” David said. “This new home is for everyone. We all have to be involved.”
David says that watching the draft plans for the centre emerge under the very capable direction of architect Alar Kongats is proving to be most rewarding. (A feature article on Alar will be coming soon that describes his thoughtful vision for the centre.)
“We want to make sure the operation of the Estonian Centre is on very firm footing,” David explains. “This is absolutely critical, and we are fortunate to have some very good support in helping make this a reality.”
Thomas Koger, a CPA and CBV (Chartered Business Valuator) has joined the project to provide independent oversight to the project and its financial processes.
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