Electricity Sales of Eesti Energia Up Nearly 9% in June
Eestlased Eestis 23 Jul 2010  EWR
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The Estonian Eesti Energia power utility sold 778 GWh of electricity in June, 8.6% more than in June 2009. To retail clients in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Eesti Energia sold 437 GWh of electricity in June, 2.5% less than last year. On electricity exchanges and to electricity resellers, Eesti Energia sold 341 GWh of electricity in June, 27.2% more than in the same month last year, Eesti Energia said on Tuesday.

Eesti Energia said that the June sale was presumably positively influenced by continued growth of industrial output in Estonia. The effect of outside temperatures was modest in June.

Starting on 1 April 2010, the sale of electricity in Estonia has been influenced by the opening of the electricity market and gearing of the Estonian price area of the Nord Pool Spot electricity exchange, the company said in its report.

This June Eesti Energia produced 9 000 tons of 60 000 barrels of liquid fuels, 10.6% less than last June. The contraction of production volumes, the company said, was due to the shorter time during which the equipment was working. The sale price of liquid fuels is influenced by the world market price of fuel oil via the world market price of crude oil - in June the average price of Brent crude was 61.4 euros per barrel, 25.1% higher than last June.

In June Eesti Energia sold 14 GWh of thermal energy, 4.3% less than in the
same month last year.

(Ref. ER/BNS)
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