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EKN invites all to help plan our community’s future. Operation „Pass the torch”. (9)
Eestlased Kanadas 08 Mar 2013 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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The Estonian Central Council in Canada has initiated discussions with Estonians and their non-Estonian family members, to formulate a long-term strategy to sustain our community’s vitality.

It’s very encouraging that the Toronto Estonian Society’s annual Independence Day commemoration focussed on the „Pass the torch” theme. Its symbolic importance and actual currency is a priority for EKN’s agenda of activities.

For its spring general meeting EKN wants information and opinions for the following aspects: our community’s future vitality and strength of our organizations; the encouragement of passive members to join the community; making the community welcome for all, Estonian speakers and the unilingual.

It’s known that people aren’t as open, straightforward or confident in discussing their experiences or offering their opinions within large meetings. Therefore two-member EKN teams are inviting 8-10 people together in „focus groups” to candidly discuss our small community’s current problems and future possibilities. All EKN’s members are participating in this study. EKN deiberate isn’t inviting only active community members but also fringe members, family members of non-Estonian heritage, those whose everyday language is English and also the totally unilingual.

It is EKN’s intention that these discussions will of themselves be one important factor which motivates us all to maintain and develop community vitality. EKN is convinced that, amongst other factors, robust dialogue itself can boost people to act. Let’s all participate in operation „Pass the torch”. Contact: .

EKN bureau
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