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EKN – Estonian Central Council in Canada Mission
a) Unite Canadian Estonians to pursue joint activities and goals:
a. To protect and preserve the Estonian Canadian community
b. To strengthen and ensure the endurance of the Estonian Republic and the rights and freedom of its people,
b) Represent Estonian Canadians and to protect their rights
c) To help coordinate the development and growth of Estonian ethnic culture and youth in conjunction with other organizations
d) Help support Estonian churches
e) In cooperation with other organizations, help Estonian Veterans, who have worked to restore independence and other difficulties faced by members of the Estonian Canadian community.
To fulfill these objectives the Estonian Central Council in Canada:
a) Maintains contact with Canadian Estonian organizations, Canadian and Estonian government and their agencies and ministries
b) Lobbies / fights to support the sustainability and reinforces the independence of the Republic of Estonia and supports the activities of Estonia’s foreign representatives related protection of the rights of independent states and interests of Estonians.
c) Maintains contact and cooperation with the Global Estonian Central Council and related organizations in other countries
d) Maintains contact and develops cooperation with organizations representing different ethnic backgrounds who have the same goals
e) To pursue the protection of Estonia’s interests and enable the explanation of its problems – keeps current with global political developments; assists in the drafting and distribution of information including letters to respective authorities and conference presentations; whenever feasible produces supporting documentation to further the sustainability of Estonian independence and to protect the interests of Estonians.
Every Estonian who is a permanent resident of Canada and is 18 or older by December 31, 2015 and who has registered to vote, has the right to vote. This includes:
• Adults with Estonian citizenship
• Adults with at least one parent who is Estonian
• Adults who are married to an Estonian
To vote you can register via email: or register at a voting station.
Toronto – Saturday December 12th 12-4pm – Rahvajõulupuu
(you may also vote at that time or submit your ballot)
To register, please provide your name, year of birth, address and email (if you have one)
We are hoping that we can also have voting stations in Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, but are waiting for confirmation at this time.


You can become a candidate who has the right to vote, is not a member of an organization that is in opposition to EKN, and who signs the candidate application, thereby agreeing to help pursue the objectives and assist in accomplishing the goals of EKN.

To be a candidate you must complete an application form, which can be downloaded from the Eesti Elu website or request one from . This is the preferred method.
• Each application requires 2 signatures from eligible voters.
• There is no application fee.
• The application should be scanned and emailed with a digital photo (passport size) and a brief bio (maximum 50 words) illustrating your education, experience, why you are a great candidate and why people should vote for you.
• Applications submitted by email will be acknowledged within 2 business days and must be electronically submitted by noon November 30th to ensure you are included on the ballot.

Or alternatively, you may submit your application by mail before 27 november, 2015 to ensure that your application is received and can be included on the ballot.
Mailing address: MATammark, 17 Tufton Cres., North York, ON, M4A 2E2
EKN activity and fiscal year is October 1st to September 30th and the term of office for candidates is 4 years.
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