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WANTED: energetic, enthusiastic Candidates!

EKN is a nationally elected Council that is mandated by Estonian-Canadians to help further the interests and development of our community. EKN has 25 elected representatives from communities across Canada and was founded in 1951. It is a member of the Estonian World Congress (ÜEKN), the Baltic Federation of Canada and the Central and Eastern European Council of Canada (CEEC). Examples of the council’s projects include the Estonian World Festival-- ESTO 2018, Tribute to Liberty Victims of Communism memorial in Ottawa, remembrance ceremonies of deportations, national Black Ribbon Day commemorations, related conferences and support for language and cultural development programs.

To be elected to the Council, please send a nomination form to . You must be at least 18 years old by the end of this calendar year, live in Canada and be of Estonian heritage to vote or be a candidate. The nomination form requires the signature of two vote-eligible nominators. The deadline for nominations is Nov 27, 2015. Include a photo in passport format and a maximum of 50 word Bio for publication.

Voting will be by mail and voting stations that will be determined shortly. The election will close on Dec 31, 2015 and results announced on January 4, 2016.

If you wish to vote and have not registered, please send your name and address to EKN’s email address above or to -
EKN, suite 201
958 Broadview Ave
Toronto M4K 2R6
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