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February 17, 2016
TORONTO. The Estonian Central Council in Canada acknowledges individuals who have provided long term and extraordinary support for the Estonian community in Canada and who have worked to advance their issues nationally and internationally. In 2016, The Council announces that it will be honouring the following individuals for their outstanding contributions:

Karl Altau Director, Joint Baltic American Committee
For outstanding achievements in government lobbying in the United States and internationally for the global Estonian and Baltic communities.

Paul Grod President, Ukrainian Canadian Congress
For outstanding contributions supporting Estonian and Central and Eastern Community issues in Canada and Ukraine.

David Hogg Scoutmaster
Longterm contributions to the Estonian Canadian scouting movement.

Alla Kadysh Radio Host and Magazine Editor
For outstanding contributions to building bridges between the Estonian and Russian-Canadian communities and for supporting common issues of democracy and human rights.

Mart Pikkov TESS Volunteer
For his longterm volunteer help with TESS (Kotkajärve Scout Campgrounds).

Heli Tenno Choir Leader
For her outstanding commitments to teaching music and leading multiple Canadian-Estonian choir groups.

Aarne Tork Vancouver Community Leader
For his longterm and outstanding commitment to helping support he Estonian community in Vancouver.
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