Ehatare residents amongst Government’s forgotten
Archived Articles 24 Nov 2006 EL (Estonian Life)EWR
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Estonian Residents of Ehatare Nursing Home are amongst the 35,000 residents who live in older long term care homes that the government has forgotten in the proposed new Long Term Care Homes Act.

Along with residents, families and their supporters from other homes in Scarborough East they will be seeking the support of Mary Anne Chambers, MPP, to ask the government to remember this before this Act is passed.

“This Act will put a 12 year deadline on our operating license,” said Ruth McFarlane, Administrator, “and provides no plan for what happens before or after that. After 9 years the government can decide to do anything it wants with our home, including close it and move the beds to another community.”

With no commitment to the funding that government knows is required to begin the structural renewal of older homes, current and future residents will face uncertainty for the next decade.

“Residents, families and the Ontario Estonian community deserve a commitment and a plan to secure the future of their home and the services it provides now, not 10 years from now,” said Ruth McFarlane. “That can be accomplished by fixing the licensing scheme in this Act and committing to the funding to begin a structural renewal program now so that older homes can provide residents with access to the same physical comforts that the government is currently helping fund for residents in new and recently rebuilt homes.”

Residents, families and others are sending emails as well as signing post cards which will be delivered to Mary Anne Chambers, MPP, ) as a direct request for support from the government to remember those who have been forgotten in this proposed Act.

Ehatare Nursing Home provides care and services to 32 residents and has been providing access to long term care services in the Ontario Estonian community for over 10 years.
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