Edward Lucas: “Estonia is now an insider, not an outsider anymore.” Interview with The Economist’s international editor (2)
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By Silver Tambur in Life

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Edward Lucas is International Editor of The Economist, the London-based global newsweekly and also oversees the paper’s political coverage of Central and Eastern Europe. He has been covering the region of Europe since 1986, and was the Moscow bureau chief from 1998-2002, the central and east European correspondent. Edward Lucas has been visiting Estonia numerous times and for many years has been a strong advocate in support of Estonian economic and political affairs on an international stage. Edward Lucas has also been highly critical of the current Russian regime for many years and has written many books about the subject. His latest book “Deception: Spies, Lies and How Russia Dupes the West” is out now.

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Edward, how did your love affair with Estonia start?

My interest started in my childhood, looking at the various maps of Europe from different eras, and trying to figure out why the countries which had previously existed had disappeared – it looked mysterious to me. Coming from Britain which has had the same shape since the last Ice Age and England that had been roughly the same country for 1000 years, the idea that a country could just disappear from the map so easily, was very puzzling and I became very interested about the fate of the three Baltic states. .................

Article: http://estonianworld.com/life/...
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