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Edgar Väär - newscameraman, newspaperman
Inimesed 08 Nov 2013 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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Adu Raudkivi

We are about to lose an Estonian asset. Edgar Väär has cancer. Starting on his career, in backward order, he was a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) freelance videographer, film cameraman for over fifty years, an Estonian (Meie Elu) and German (Torontoer Zeitung) newspaper columnist and salesman for Lohuaru's construction supply company.

All through his career he always kept promoting Estonia and Estonians, especially at CBC where he was at the pulse of news broadcasting. There the Kalev Estienne rhythmic gymnasts, affectionately known as the Estonian ball bouncers were brought forward every time an Estonian event took place. The fact that the Estiennes were pleasing to the eye and Evelyn Koop, their leader, was adept at promoting also helped. Other Estonian events were also conveyed to the proper newsman. Väär was well liked and respected by all in the news community.

Starting from the beginning, Väär and his sister grew up with his parents in Kuresaare where as a teenager he stole (liberated) some dynamite from the Germans.

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