Earthquake of 5.0 magnitude hits Ontario, Quebec CTV news (1)
Eestlased Kanadas 23 Jun 2010  EWR
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Article and videos:

CTV News: Richard Madden on the rattled nerves
People in Ottawa give their reactions to the earthquake that hit central Canada. The epicenter of the quake was in Buckingham, just north of Ottawa, but tremors were felt from Michigan to Montreal.
CTV Toronto: Alicia Markson on the big surprise
Shortly after 1:40 p.m. Wednesday, Torontonians got a big surprise -- an earthquake shook the city. Alicia Markson reports.
CTV Toronto: Natalie Johnson with reaction
The earthquake had Torontonians talking. Natalie Johnson gathers their stories about how the earthquake affected them.
CTV Toronto: Dana Levenson with Twitter reaction
Toronto is a social media hotbed, and people were eager to use services such as Twitter to share about the earthquake. Dana Levenson reports.
CTV Ottawa: Catherine Lathem captures panic
As buildings in the downtown core swayed around them, thousands of public servants poured onto the streets and caused gridlock in the arteries leaving Ottawa.
CTV Ottawa: Norman Fetterley on the response
Minor damage was reported to several buildings in Ottawa, prompting fire and police to head to all corners of the city in the moments after the quake.
CTV Ottawa: Paul Brent on the geology of the quake
Aftershocks will happen in the hours after the magnitude 5.0 quake, but geologists report they will likely be too small to be felt.
MyNews: Earthquake shakes home in Ottawa
MyNews user Nathan Seyeau captured the earthquake in Ottawa as he was working out on Wednesday afternoon.
Home video of earthquake
A resident in Ottawa took this video as an earthquake began to shake his home as seen by the water in the aquarium just before 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 23, 2010.
Aftermath of quake in Gatineau
A woman in Gatineau, Que., took her camera out moments after a possible earthquake struck and recorded her and her neighbours reactions to the event.
CTV News Channel: Laurent Godin, Queen's Univ.
A geology professor at Queen's University explains why earthquakes are hard to predict and says the quake happened at 15 km depth, while the epicentre of the quake is known for being a zone with higher seismic activity than most of Canada.
CTV News Channel: Witness in Montreal reacts
Michael Glass from Montreal, Que. says he was on the 27th floor of an office building when the quake hit and says he felt small vibrations through the floor.
CTV News Channel: Jenn Doan, witness
A woman discusses how she was rehearsing for a play for the Ottawa Fringe Festival when she experienced the earthquake.
CTV News Channel: Witness in Ottawa shares story
Gene Iszak from Ottawa says she was in her backyard when the earthquake hit and describes seeing the houses and windows moving.
CTV News Channel: Quake witness speaks
Michelle Honsberger, who was on the eleventh floor of an office building in Ottawa when the earthquake hit, describes her 'unreal' experience and says most people in Ottawa have remained on the street, not returning inside.
CTV News Channel: Quake felt in Markham, Ont.
Meena Jossi from Markham, Ontario describes where she was when the earthquake struck and first believed her house had been hit by a car.
CTV News Channel: Witness shares account
Francesa McClain in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. talks about her experience when the 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook central Canada and says she was left speechless from the incident.
CTV News Extended: Jim Prentice with his story
The federal minister of the environment describes his surprise when his chair began to move during a live, on-air TV interview
CTV News Channel: John Bellini, USGC
A spokesperson for the U.S. Geological Survey and geophysicist explains why they have revised the earthquake to a 5.0 magnitude and says the epicentre is 53 kilometres northeast of Ottawa.
CTV News Channel: Witness shares her story
Colette Mceachern from Dundas, Ont. shares her first-hand account of what happened to her when the earthquake hit and says she is shaken up from the experience.
CTV News Channel: Graham Richardson in Ottawa
The anchor for CTV Ottawa shares his account when the earthquake hit in the newsroom and says the earthquake only lasted 15 seconds, while the City of Ottawa is not reporting any structural damage.
CTV News Channel: Alexander Cruden, U of T
The chair of geology at the University of Toronto explains the magnitude of the earthquake, the causes that led to the tremors and what type of damage a 5.5 earthquake could inflict.
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