EANC candidate registration extended until May 3, 2010
Eestlased Kanadas 15 Mar 2010  EWR
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The Estonian American National Council announced elections for the XX Council on January 18, 2010, with a closing date for nominations for candidates of March 2, 2010. The Elections Committee is extending the nomination period for 60 more days (until May 3, 2010) as the committee didn’t receive the minimum of 50 candidate applications which is required by EANC by-laws.

The EANC is looking for people interested in actively participating in Council activities, regardless of their knowledge of Estonian. Being a member of the Council not only provides a chance to represent your region but also to take part in the discussions about the future of our Estonian American society. Candidates can live anywhere in the U.S., as we use email and telephone a great deal to conduct business.

Please become a candidate! Registration forms are found at:

Please either email or mail it to the address below.

5426 Chieftain Circle
Alexandria, VA 22312
Questions: 703-354-1577
Gris Livieri
Election committee chairman
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