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“On the ice of the foreign country it is more difficult to stand up than on the neighbourhood’s familiar surface” (Erich Maria Remarque, “Arc de Triomphe”).
“My life in a new home country”!

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) invites everybody, regardless of age, to participate in the competition: “My life in my new home country”. All real life stories, research and interviews about the lives of Estonians outside Estonia and the lives of foreigners in Estonia are welcome. The goal of the competition is to collect and preserve the real life stories of people who have fled Estonia and the stories of immigrants who have moved to Estonia from other cultures.

Topic: all true stories about flight and stories about emigration are welcome. Examples of possible topics:
· Grandmother fleeing from Estonia (grandchild´s research work based on interviews or the grandmother’s letters)
· Integrating into Canadian society (Estonian refugee´s story about starting a new life in Canada)
· Estonia – my new home country (Belorussian refugee´s story about integration in Estonia).

Genre and format: you can submit an essay based on your life-story, interview or research – as long as it focuses on the feelings, thoughts and experiences of a refugee. The format of the work plays no importance – it is possible to submit the stories in writing or by e-mail and with or without photographs.

Who is eligible to participate: Refugees, immigrants or their interviewers; in all age groups, in Estonian, Russian or English.

The results shall be announced in December, and the best works shall be published in a book.

Stories must be received by 10 November 2011, at the latest, marked with the keyword: “KONKURSS “Elust uuel kodumaal””, and sent to the e-mail address or via regular post to the following address:

IOM Tallinn
Jõe 9/Ahtri 12
10151 Tallinn

Please add to your competition work following information about you: name, age, e-mail address and postal address.

Please send any additional questions to

The competition is organized within the framework of the project “Public Awareness Raising in Estonia: Refugees and Migrants” (PAREM) implemented by IOM and UNHCR, and financed through the European Refugee Fund and Estonian Ministry of the Interior.
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