Dr. Lee Edwards appears on Estonian TV, meets with Estonian President
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On his recent trip to Estonia, VOCMF (Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation) Chairman Dr. Lee Edwards appeared in an interview on Estonian Television's program on foreign policy (February 18). It begins at the 20 minute, 20 second mark in the video at the web address here: http://etv.err.ee/arhiiv.php?i...

During the interview, Dr. Edwards emphasized the support beginning in the 1960's that Ronald Reagan gave to the Captive Nations and the Baltic states such as Estonia, as well as the president's foresight - and public statement - in 1982, that "Marxism-Leninism was headed for the ash heap of history."

Dr. Edwards also met with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves earlier in the week. The President's office issued a press release about the meeting. A translation from the Baltic News Service follows:

Estonian president underlines need to study crimes of Communism

TALLINN, Feb 14, BNS - Meeting in his Kadriorg residence on Monday with Lee Edwards, President of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and member of the Heritage Foundation think tank, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves underlined the need to investigate the crimes of Communism. Ilves said that the study of crimes of Communism was an import element in the shaping of the present and the future, a spokesman for the president's office told BNS.

"Freedom and democracy are nothing to be taken for granted. We have to take care of their strength every day," President Ilves added.

On the initiative of the memorial foundation headed by Edwards, a Victims of Communism Memorial was built in the Washington DC, the capital of the United States and the online Global Museum on Communism was launched in 2009.

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