Does America Still Matter? - Ambassador Polt at Tallinn Tech
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U.S. Embassy, Tallinn April 18, 2012
Ambassador Polt returned to Tallinn Tech on April 17 to answer the question “Does America Still Matter in the 21st Century?” The Ambassador stressed that America’s unwavering commitment to universal principles as well as our own imperfections are part of a constant effort to become a more perfect union.

The Ambassador said the greatest U.S. impact on the world is the example it sets in terms of freedom, economic growth, and human fulfillment. Not only has this defined the U.S. role in history, it has also delivered the moments when Americans have shined most brightly alongside its oldest and best allies—Europeans. America’s leadership is a reflection of the world’s collective aspiration to create a more perfect community of nations.

The question “Does America Still Matter?” had been initially posed by a Tallinn Tech student last year when the Ambassador spoke on the continued relevance of Europe on the world stage.
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