DocPoint Tallinn presents the best of world's documentaries
Kultuur 28 Jan 2015  EWR
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DocPoint Tallinn invites film makers who will introduce their films and answer questions after screenings. This year’s star guest is Czech Helena Testikova who has been celebrated by the European Film Academy and at many international festivals like the Karlovy Vary and Berlin Film Festival. DocPoint Tallinn will be showing Testikova’s three feature length documentaries “Marcela”, “Rene” and “Katka” that have followed their characters throughout many decades. „If I can observe somebody over long time it means that I can see what is special and unique about this person, my overall idea is however, that everyday life is interesting.“

Also one of the most well-known Finnish actors Matti Pellonpää who has acted in 11 films of Aki Kaurismäki will be present, as well as director of „Bohemian Eyes“
Janne Tapio Kuusi, producer of „Vodka Factory Antonio Merenda and many other film makers will be present in Tallinn.

DocPoint Tallinn’s opening film is a cooperation project of Cuba, Estonia, Sweden and Finland “Cubaton” that looks at the dilemmas of a young doctor el Medico who realises that only music can heal his soul. The film involves lots of catching local music and colourful Cuban life.

DocPoint Tallinn has evolved from the festival of the same name in Helsinki that is celebrating its 10th anniversary. So the festival takes place in two cities. Tallinn programme includes 28 films chosen from the 148 films that take part at the Helsinki festival. The organisers have tried to bring to Tallinn the highlights of world documentaries. DocPoint Tallinn is an unpredictable festival that is supposed to intrigue and irritate being meaningful, beautiful and titillating at the same time.

European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 January highlight DocPoint Tallinn is screening films from 27 to 30 January in Sõprus cinema and Kumu auditorium. Last year DocPoint Tallinn attracted 2000 viewers.

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