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Archived Articles 21 May 2009  EWR
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Estonian high-tech electronics were introduced in London at a seminar held at the Estonian Embassy on 21 May. Innovative solutions from Estonia were presented by the Estonian companies Artec Group, Cybernetica, Nordic Sonar, Smartfid and Regio.

According to the Estonian Ambassador in the UK, Margus Laidre high-tech electronics is certainly one of the areas, where a small country can offer big solutions. „Estonia is already among recognised world leaders with various e-solutions, but we have the potential to offer novel high-tech electronic solutions as well,“ said Laidre. The Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, Paul Elberg said that Estonia is already a base for engineering and manufacturing several pioneering electronic devices, which were introduced at the seminar today.

Estonia, a member of NATO and the European Union, is the world leader in the well-established practices of electronic identity based authentication and digital signing, e-government, e-tax board, e-voting and e-banking. Skype also originates from Estonia. In 2008 the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence was founded in Estonia engaging in analysis and prevention of cyber attacks, showing a definite trust in the country's ICT sector.

The seminar was jointly organised by the Estonian Embassy in London, Enterprise Estonia in London and UK Trade and Investment.

Estonian Embassy in London
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