Designer Reet Aus Does a Cat’s Cradle with ‘Out of Fashion’ - POV
Eestlased Kanadas 27 Oct 2016 EWR OnlineEWR
The new documentary Out of Fashion shows how Estonian designer Reet Aus has changed the fashion industry for the better. Thousands of factories in the Third World produce tons of toxic waste making clothing for corporations. Aus realised that the only way to change the industrial model was from the inside. Out of Fashion follows Reet Aus’s journey from Tallinn through the fashion stages of Europe and the cotton plantations of South America into Bangladesh’s epicentre of mass production.

Five years ago Reet Aus started making an educational film with filmmakers Jaak Kilmi and Lennart Laberenz about the dark side of the fashion and textile industry. But interesting things started to happen. “When we went to Bangladesh ,I started to work with the Bangladeshi company and it was really an interesting journey…. we went all over the world to see how the industry works….It changed my way of working and my career and everything.”